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Welcome to Dexter's Community Website


As of November 2021 I have moved out of the Dexter area.  I have no plans on updating this website with current information but will continue to keep it up as long as it will stay up without maintenance.  It's getting sorely outdated but still seems to be functioning correctly so on it goes. 

A quick Google search didn't lead me to any other Dexter IA websites.  The actual "City" maintained website was no where to be found so I have no idea if it is still active or not. 

Dexter was a great place to raise a family, and probably still is, but the big city is getting closer every day.  It was time for us to go.  Thank you to all the people that made living in Dexter for 20+ years a great experience.

We would really like to hear more from the visitors of the website, so we created a new email address for people to send us stuff with.  If you have an community organization event you would like to promote, you discoved some cool historical tidbit about Dexter and want to share it or have a question send an email to "events [AT]".  Of course, you know to take the quotes, brackets, and spaces out and change the [AT] to the actual @ sign.  Trying not to get bombarded with spam.

I know it's been a long time since anything has happened with the website, but there seemes to be some outside interest.  So, while your trying to stay warm in this already too cold of a winter soon we will be able to look forward to a schedule of the great events happeing in the Dexter area.

For all you fans of Weez's Words some lost articles have been found.  They date back to 2017 so make sure you check out the 2017 Archive.  Sadly, I think, Weez's words has come to an end, so savor the remaining ones.  But, there is a possiblity that enough public demand might encourage him to produce more musings.  Send me a note via the Contact Us page and let me know if you would like to hear more from Bryon.